Possibly the sexiest, most tall, dark, and handsome guy around, Slendy has hawt abs and a thousand fangirls who want to be pleasured by his tentacles and oh my god this sounds wrong.

Slenderman is known for two things: SCARING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU, and taking your money. He prefers money in increments of $20(it's all about the benjamins. Or is it that jacksons?). Anyways, he don't take shit from nobody, and will teleport into your fucking house if he finds that you've been wifin' in the club, I mean, honestly, you jackass, it says "NO WIFIN' " right on the fucking sign. Jesus Christ, people these days...

Notable Life-Changing Events Edit

  • Giving flowers to children
  • Being accused of being a pedophile
  • Gaining a bunch of creepy fangirls
  • Learning how to rap(give him $20 already, man)
  • Landing a job that earns $20 an hour.