So,this story begins with a retard named Jadusable who bought a crappy copy of Majora's Mask from an old man who is possibly a pedophile (Remember kids,never accept stuff from creepy old men!or else....).Then,Jadusable made the genius choice of playing the game.When playing he noticed a save file called BEN.He deleted the save file,which is again another genius choice,and he saw people still calling him BEN (what do you expect from a crappy copy from an old man?)

Then, he played it again the next day and found out that link had seizures.He started spazzing out and glitching.Some NPC's started randomly saying "You shouldn't have done that".Done what?Your mum?Then,Jadusaderp found out BEN was behind everything and the song of healing was being played in....REVERSE!OOOOOOHHHHH SCARY MUSIC!!Later on,Link had back problems and he started randomly combusting like a creeper exploding for no reason.

So Ben is a ghost kid that drowned and, for some reason, possessed games to fuck with peoples minds.So realistic.